Academic Lockdown: How to work when you are doing other work

I teach on Wednesdays and so the academic lockdown was tricky.  I had a lecture to attend, office hours to hold and material to prepare for Friday's classes.  I am in my UTM office 9-5.  My goal for the paper was to read over what I wrote yesterday and to summarize my progress (if any).

Progress Report:

I re-wrote a good 500 word chunk and I am mostly happy with it.  And I slotted back in several 'killed darlings' from the editing process that happened in May to make the paper 20 minutes long.  I also fell into a bit of a rabbit hole looking for a quote about souvenirs I thought I had in one of my notebooks. I ended up spending some time in the stacks (about 25 minutes) and the afternoon combing though some new literature on authenticity. Tomorrow will be when it becomes clear whether this was useful or not because.....


I have all day to write.  I could be in that library from 8-5 if I wanted to. I don't want to, but I could.  Instead I am going to do 5 hours or, 10 pomodoro.   I want to restructure and fill in two major sections (the close reading of the beer ads/heritage minutes, and the heritage performance protocol)