On domestic matters and MLA citations (5/4)

Academic Lockdown for 10 days might have been ambitious.  Maybe if I had help on the domestic front - groceries, washing, tub scrubbing. Or maybe I should have planned out and dealt with those task before I started? Either way, I did not make it into a U of T building yesterday.  I did read a chapter of The Experience Economy in an effort to find a compelling quotation for my introduction.  Nada.

I was more successful today.  I have 5033 words and I like most of them.  I have managed to re-address and expand all the sections my very smart friend recommended take a second look at.  I did have to book an appointment with a librarian friend to get the citations under control.  How do you cite a Heritage Minute in MLA? I will find out tomorrow at 2.00pm.