Why there is no 7 and Saturday work rewards.

I did not post yesterday, I know.  As I discussed on day 9 I work at UTM on Wednesdays and Fridays and although I was able to get some of my own academic business done on Wednesday yesterday was all talking about student essays and not my own.  Which is fine.  I like talking to people about their essays. I really do. It is not only a useful way to help them clarify their thoughts but I always think hearing about other writing methods helpful (although I must admit the first year uni student methods of Wait, Freak-Out, Start the Night before! has no appeal).  That is why there is no 7.

However, in 6 news... I did 5 pomodoros today.  If I work on weekends I get a pastry breakfast from Blackbird in Kensington and today I had a delicious lemon/cranberry thing. I also smoothed out some sections I wrote on Thursday and got to work messing up some paragraphs from the speech version of the paper that do not work anymore.  I also did some reading - Fair Play by Jenn Harvie which lead me to another book about economics to add to my Lit Review list.  I should really stop being surprised by how relevant economic theory is for my work but I still find it...odd.  Anyway, I am off to Indigo to buy The Experience Economy by Pine and Glimore since it has gone missing from the U of T library system.