I am Ethical!

One of the hellish bits of bureaucracy I have had to participate in over the last year was getting my project approved by the university’s Research Ethics Board.  And I do understand why.  Over the years there have been some horrifyingly unethical projects enacted in the name of academia and it is always in a researchers best interest to think through all the possible ramifications her work might have - BUT THE FORMS ARE SO PAINFUL TO FILL IN! And then the revisions! My god the revisions.  

But the good news is my research project has been approved for this summer which means I will be hitting the road again to join historical armies, chase heritage chicken out of vegetable gardens, and talk to teenagers about their jobs acting out our collective history! 


Defining "Authenticity" - A Quest in A Hundred Parts

"...the search by living historians to live a storied life, and the un-self-concious understanding they project upon the reader-authors of such lives, is subverted but the reflexive consciousness that determines the very conduct of reenactment." (253)

Just one of the hundreds of quotations I have collected to help me develop an understanding of what is and isn't 'authentic'. (Tip - no one agrees and there are a million different definitions)

On domestic matters and MLA citations (5/4)

Academic Lockdown for 10 days might have been ambitious.  Maybe if I had help on the domestic front - groceries, washing, tub scrubbing. Or maybe I should have planned out and dealt with those task before I started? Either way, I did not make it into a U of T building yesterday.  I did read a chapter of The Experience Economy in an effort to find a compelling quotation for my introduction.  Nada.

I was more successful today.  I have 5033 words and I like most of them.  I have managed to re-address and expand all the sections my very smart friend recommended take a second look at.  I did have to book an appointment with a librarian friend to get the citations under control.  How do you cite a Heritage Minute in MLA? I will find out tomorrow at 2.00pm.

Why there is no 7 and Saturday work rewards.

I did not post yesterday, I know.  As I discussed on day 9 I work at UTM on Wednesdays and Fridays and although I was able to get some of my own academic business done on Wednesday yesterday was all talking about student essays and not my own.  Which is fine.  I like talking to people about their essays. I really do. It is not only a useful way to help them clarify their thoughts but I always think hearing about other writing methods helpful (although I must admit the first year uni student methods of Wait, Freak-Out, Start the Night before! has no appeal).  That is why there is no 7.

However, in 6 news... I did 5 pomodoros today.  If I work on weekends I get a pastry breakfast from Blackbird in Kensington and today I had a delicious lemon/cranberry thing. I also smoothed out some sections I wrote on Thursday and got to work messing up some paragraphs from the speech version of the paper that do not work anymore.  I also did some reading - Fair Play by Jenn Harvie which lead me to another book about economics to add to my Lit Review list.  I should really stop being surprised by how relevant economic theory is for my work but I still find it...odd.  Anyway, I am off to Indigo to buy The Experience Economy by Pine and Glimore since it has gone missing from the U of T library system.  

Academic Lockdown: How to work when you are doing other work

I teach on Wednesdays and so the academic lockdown was tricky.  I had a lecture to attend, office hours to hold and material to prepare for Friday's classes.  I am in my UTM office 9-5.  My goal for the paper was to read over what I wrote yesterday and to summarize my progress (if any).

Progress Report:

I re-wrote a good 500 word chunk and I am mostly happy with it.  And I slotted back in several 'killed darlings' from the editing process that happened in May to make the paper 20 minutes long.  I also fell into a bit of a rabbit hole looking for a quote about souvenirs I thought I had in one of my notebooks. I ended up spending some time in the stacks (about 25 minutes) and the afternoon combing though some new literature on authenticity. Tomorrow will be when it becomes clear whether this was useful or not because.....


I have all day to write.  I could be in that library from 8-5 if I wanted to. I don't want to, but I could.  Instead I am going to do 5 hours or, 10 pomodoro.   I want to restructure and fill in two major sections (the close reading of the beer ads/heritage minutes, and the heritage performance protocol)

Thunder Bay! Here I come.

I will be heading to Fort William in Thunder Bay this weekend to participate in an 1812 Battle re-enactment.  I wrote about it several weeks ago when I was having a musket dilemma.  I have two very exciting updates. 1) Musket dilemma solved! I have a meeting with the armourer and costumer on Friday.  2)  I finally had the project approved by the Research Ethics Board! Yay.  It was very stressful.

Anyway, in honour of my first foray into Historical Reenactment please enjoy this link

This is not Fort William.  This is a scene from the Trinity Pageant in Trinity NFLD.  

This is not Fort William.  This is a scene from the Trinity Pageant in Trinity NFLD.